Writing Contest: Enter the Cabin

Writing contests require your final draftThis writing contest will let you submit up to five entries, but you’ve got to stick to the theme. Sponsored by The Cabin, winning entries will be published in the literary center’s yearly anthology Writers in the Attic.

Keep in mind that there is a $15 non-member ($10 for members) entry fee per submission and that all entries are due by February 27, 2015.

Still interested? OK, here’s this year’s theme:

“An animal – a mammal – a sentient creature distinct from a mineral or a plant. An animal – any such living thing other than a human being. But, wait, there is an animal in every human being –it’s the carnal, physical or sensual part of the self. A tiger – a wild, untamed beast; A Guinea pig – a harmless, squeaky, stinky pet; Your former neighbor – a womanizer, a squirrel poacher, a brutish backyard grill master; all animals. Four-footed, two-footed, a flock, a herd…or a lone wolf – tell us about an animal.”

You can submit your entry here.

Good luck!

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