My story: The Nine Types of Office People You Meet

My story today is set in an unusual office.My story today is dedicated to the people who sit in a cube all day.

Inter-office politics are hard to avoid, and for most office workers they are just a part of working life. In The Nine Types of People You Meet in Every Office, Ginger explains that it doesn’t matter what type of job she does or the company that she works for (however odd it may be) — wherever she goes, she will always find the same personalities:

There’s the gossip, the historian, the bully, the scavenger, the untethered balloon, the worry-wart, the newbie, the mentor and the crazy one. Learn how to navigate each of those people, and you’ll be fine.

What types of office people have you met in your office?

That’s my story. Tell me one of yours.

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