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Writers block or All your sunshine belongs to us!

writers block is when writing is just out of reachSo, today, my cat Thai-Thai was resisting all of my relocation efforts so that I could record my podcast without her snoring in the background. It’s bad enough she causes writers block. Now this.

The problem is that the sunshine is all located in the back of the house near my desk, and when I tried to move her, she came back to her spot, plopped her butt back in the sunshine and glared at me with a defiant look of “all your sunshine belongs to us” on her face.

I decided that I really didn’t want to hear her wheezing in the background and moved her again. She came back. (I have no problems writers block and my stories, just my kitty cat.)

I texted my problem to my husband, but he only came up with the solution of “you could record elsewhere.” No! I told him. And that is when I declared war. On my cat.

At first I threatened her with the removal of the vacuum cleaner from the closet. She is a pretty smart cat and knows the phrase “vacuum cleaner,” but she is also a typical cat in that she believes our vacuum cleaner is a monster whose sole purpose is sucking out her soul. Showing her who was the boss, I removed the vacuum from the closet, but she stood her ground. She stared at the vacuum cleaner and then at me – calling my bluff because she knows I cannot run the vacuum and record a story at the same time.

I texted all of this to my husband, with no response from him. Guess he was in a meeting, because there is no way he would ignore a battle of this magnitude.

Eventually I bribed her with some treats (she is on a diet and will do anything for extra food). Future note: Her price is four cat treats.

VICTORY IS MINE! I texted my husband. (I am sure he was happy for me. See? I have no writers block issues over text.)

But, no. I celebrated too soon. I used the restroom and when I got back, Thai was sitting on my desk! DIABOLICAL! She was quite pleased with herself, purring loudly and fuzzing up my keyboard.

Well, played, Thai. Well played.

If nothing else, she is a good solution for writers block. What do you use to solve your blocks?