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My story: Drinking in the Daylight

My story today is about drinking.My story today is a bit darker than my usual tales, but it all comes down to choice.

Drinking in the Daylight details a world where women can choose to be mothers or have careers, but not both. Faced with that option, three generations of women explore that major decision in their lives. It’s hard enough for a woman to make the choice between career and family — never mind making it while you are still a teenager.

A woman didn’t drink when her children were home. The mothers who reached for their wine when they still had toddlers underfoot were shunned at social gatherings. When all the children reached the ripe old age of five and were safely at school for the day, that was when the liquor cabinet locks were broken open.

Listen to the story and tell me what you would choose in the comments.

That’s my story. Tell me one of yours.

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