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My story: Her Mother’s Last Words

My story today is about last words.My story today is about last words.

People’s last words are the ones that stay with us — no matter if that person is a celebrity, a close friend or a parent. It’s really hard for parents to let their children grow up and grow away from them. Parents never know which of their words will have staying power in their children’s lives. In Her Mother’s Last Words, we see how a mother’s words influence her daughter’s daily life.

I’m afraid, my little Rebecca, that you’ll find 13 to be a bittersweet age. It’s the one in which little girls feel all the horrible things they can do and are upset over all the exciting – yet equally horrible things they can’t do yet.

We all want our final words to be memorable, but we always leave them to the last minute. If you had to plan out your final words now, what would you say? Leave your last words in the comments.

That’s my story. Tell me one of yours.

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