My story: Woman with Eggs on Bus

My story title will make sense later.My story today has an unusual title, but stay with me.

This storytelling podcast explores that cast of background characters that seem to follow people in their daily lives. You see the same faces everywhere — on your morning commute, in line at the supermarket or even just walking along the street. In Woman with Eggs on Bus, we find that the background characters can lead some of the most interesting lives.

It occurs to Harriet that if she should die, she should probably leave her parents a note about the small plastic gnomes in the bottom drawer of her kitchen. The drawer wasn’t always devoted to gnomes – at one point it contained pots and pans. But then there was that Black Friday six years ago where she was trolling an online auction site and found a gross of them for sale.

Maybe this story will inspire you to reach out to those near strangers and say hello.

That’s my story. Tell me one of yours.

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