My story: His Wife’s Secret Admirer

My story today proves that you never see a secret admirer coming.My story today is about secret admirers. A secret admirer can crop up when we least expect it — even in a marriage.

In today’s story, Daniel learns that there are really three people in his marriage: Daniel, his wife Courtney and her Essentials Book. In His Wife’s Secret Admirer, Daniel ponders the secret to his marriage’s success in a world where so many relationships fall apart.

I should buy her flowers, Daniel thinks. But this is a problem. Will he remember that he wants to buy her flowers by the time he gets out of the shower and to his phone? He starts to repeat it to himself: Buy wife flowers. Buy wife flowers. Buy wife flowers.

Have you ever had a secret crush? If so, tell your story in the comments.

That’s my story. Tell me one of yours.

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