My story: Everyday Lives

My story today is about memory. Although I can’t really tell you how to remember everything, I can offer this challenge instead: Would you really want to? What would it be like to really remember every moment of your life? Everyday Lives takes a look at a woman’s unique and precise relationship with the passage of time.

AMy story today is about everyday lives.manda liked Julia’s open manner enough to explain her “little time idiosyncrasy” as she referred to it. Rather than being put off, Julia had asked several questions (as only a psychology major would) and it wasn’t until 27 days later that Julia started testing Amanda’s ability for fun — asking her about what clothing was worn on a specific day, what the weather had been like or what food they had eaten.

That’s my story. Tell me one of yours.

What’s your first memory? Tell me in the comments.

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