Cat 1: Crazy Cat Lady: 0

Thai looks innocently at the crazy cat ladyThe Crazy Cat Lady is losing the war.

I record my podcasts at my desk, which¬† is in a corner of the living room with easy access to the kitchen. My sweetie of a cat, Thai-Thai, has a six-foot cat tree that is right beside my desk, but because she is 12 years old, she doesn’t climb it much anymore. She has been retired from all official cat duties (bug chasing, critter killing, nightly patrols) for the past few years, so she spends most of her days asleep in the sunshine until her body has reached the approximate heat of a middle-aged star.

I am an old crazy cat lady at heart and I’m used to her presence: She wakes me at 5 am every day for breakfast (she is on a diet and not happy about it). She plays with the shower curtain while I get ready for the day (seriously, get out of the tub – you are a cat!). She follows me around the house as I do chores, waiting for me to stop moving so she can nap near me again. When I haven’t seen her in a little while, I think something is wrong and go looking for her. She sleeps by my feet whenever I sit at my desk. I love my little shadow.

But for my podcasts, the cat needs to go.

Mostly because she snores. Loudly, or at least loud enough for my microphone to pick it up. And it’s not a sound I can edit out. So whenever I want to record, I pick her up, put her on her cat bed in the other room (in the sunshine) and start to record. By the time I’m done, she has usually found her way back to my side and is snoring again (somehow louder than before). I repeat this process, because I’m a crazy cat lady and I think it might work. It doesn’t.

So, in the background of several of my podcasts, there is a slow, soft snoring noise. It’s my cat. She wants to be a part of this. The crazy cat lady has given up. She wins.

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