Audio Commentary on Hugging Strangers

Here is some audio commentary that you can read about.And now, a bit of “audio commentary” from the author. Most of the time my stories come from innocuous events. So, there is a little bit of truth surrounded by a lot of fiction. For this one, the truth is that I was outside eating lunch and I saw a woman on the porch who resembled a good friend of mine. When I looked again, I realized it was a different person. (This is in stark contrast to the time my neighbor of two years was waving to me in a grocery store and I was afraid to wave back to him because I didn’t recognize him away from our apartment building.)

I think the part about all designers liking the colors orange and lime green is fairly accurate though.

Have you ever failed to recognize someone in public that you should know well? Leave me a comment (or an audio commentary of your own).

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