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Writing Contest: West Hartford Library

Choose your weapon for these writing contestsThe West Hartford Library is holding a writing contest that is open to entries from anywhere around the world. And you only need to come up with 25 words to enter. Based on the book Hint Fiction, by Robert Swartwood, the library is looking for a complete story which hints at a more complex narrative.Interested writers can enter up to three submissions to with the subject line: HINT FICTION. All entries are due by May 25, 2015. For more information and rules visit the library site.Good luck!

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My Story: Bus People

busMy story today is built around the idea of strangers on the bus. The shared intimacy of taking a long trip together can take its toll on people – both for the good and the bad:

A thin young man in his mid-20s flopped down next to Robyn and immediately assumed the wide-legged spread all men assume while seated. Robyn watched him under lowered lids: The wider the parting of the legs, the more space he was trying to claim for himself. Being fat and taking up more space was one thing, spreading out your knees to take over an unrealistic amount of real estate for your crotch was another. Robyn thought some guys were really only one evolutionary step above peeing on their territory.

Listen to Bus People and tell me about the worst bus trip you’ve ever taken.

That’s my story. Tell me one of yours.


Writing Contest: Mommy, I don’t like this

Writing contests require your final draftThe writing contest for today focuses on a familiar phrase for parents: Mommy, I don’t like this. Put together 750 words (in any style you choose) and submit it to Writer’s Digest for your chance at publication. Entries can be submitted online and they are due by June 1, 2015.

Good luck!

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