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Audio commentary: His Wife’s Secret Admirer

Here is some audio commentary that you can read about.Here’s something I would only admit as part of an audio commentary exclusive: This story came out much longer than I had expected it to. I think it took me longer to get through Daniel’s day (even with the inclusion of the golf game) than I thought it would.

I don’t write many stories with male lead characters, but there was this beautiful (and long) article in Esquire a few years ago about studying love. It fascinated me. The writer, A.J. Jacobs becomes a guinea pig to scientists who are studying the effects of love on the brain. The catch is that he is the only long-term married guy in the study. And it turns out beautifully.

Love is crazy complicated. It’s messy. And, sometimes, it lasts beyond all the doubters.

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My story: His Wife’s Secret Admirer

My story today proves that you never see a secret admirer coming.My story today is about secret admirers. A secret admirer can crop up when we least expect it — even in a marriage.

In today’s story, Daniel learns that there are really three people in his marriage: Daniel, his wife Courtney and her Essentials Book. In His Wife’s Secret Admirer, Daniel ponders the secret to his marriage’s success in a world where so many relationships fall apart.

I should buy her flowers, Daniel thinks. But this is a problem. Will he remember that he wants to buy her flowers by the time he gets out of the shower and to his phone? He starts to repeat it to himself: Buy wife flowers. Buy wife flowers. Buy wife flowers.

Have you ever had a secret crush? If so, tell your story in the comments.

That’s my story. Tell me one of yours.

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Audio commentary: Afternoons in the Park

If it is audio commentary, then why do I have to read it?Reading audio commentary makes about as much sense as smelling rainbows, but here we go.

Go to any crowded park with lots of playground equipment and inevitably, you’ll hear an adult talk about what type of injury-producing playground equipment they loved when they were children. It’s like all of us who suffered broken wrists from climbing geo-domes or skinned knees from flying off merry-go-rounds or burns from metal slides cooking in the summer sun, grew up to become responsible adults who didn’t want their children harmed. But still, we hold onto the past.

Sometimes we try to hold onto our childhood friends, too, but that doesn’t always work out. This story lives between the two realms of childhood and parenthood.

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My story: Afternoons in the Park

My story today is about growing up.My story today is about growing up and moving on.

Women often forget who they are and begin measuring life by the events of their children. In Afternoons in the Park, a young mother realizes her own childhood is sitting in a box at the bottom of her closet and her closest friend was lost to her a long time ago.

But then there was the wedding, the job changes, the big move and the smaller moves in between. And then pregnancy, childbirth and rediscovering holidays. Losing myself a bit in the process, or maybe just becoming someone new who I didn’t recognize yet. Excuses, all of them. Some a bit more valid than others.

That’s my story. Tell me one of yours.

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